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Practice at home! Feedback from my online classes and a theme which resonates with me and when I’m practicing with my teachers in my home is hearing their voice! Makes you feel at home.

I have created a series of mini classes that can be mixed and matched together including Sun Salutations A, B and C, Hip opening sequence, Back bending, Sound meditation, Handstand drills, Nidra and Chaturanga break down all for a one off payment of £20. 

Follow the link below and head to the store. Then email me and I can send you access to the classes. Be careful! I recommend you have had a few classes with a teacher 121 or in a class before embarking with these classes. I am not responsible for any injuries caused. Enjoy!

“Today I plan to do the sun salutations again followed by the hip opening sequence and the sound meditation! Hearing your voice in my practice is so reassuring, comforting and brings me great strength and gladness!” Online student


For my public Youtube Channel where I post free classes and short videos follow the link below. Subscribe and please share with anyone who you think might benefit from it. Please be aware you practice these videos at your own risk but I am a quick email away if you have any questions.