Back to the Future

11am-1pm,  Saturday 22nd February


We only have one spine, it’s super strong but at the same time super delicate, tightness in hips, or even wearing the wrong shoes can push everything out of alignment and bring on back pain. I like to call back bending front body stretching, for me this helps me to focus on making sure I am always mindful of keeping my back safe while back bending. So safety is the key for me but fun is the game as we explore all the poses that help open the back and stretch the front. All abilities welcome and if you are ‘not very bendy’ you should definitely come.

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Hip Hip Hooray

11am-1pm,  Saturday 28th March


Let’s get hippy in this workshop, flexi hips are good for salsa dancing and playing with kids on the floor….don’t do either of those things?…then you should still come so that you can get lucy goosey in your Warrior, lunges, squats and daily life. If running, cycling is your thing hopefully you will go away with all the info you need to look after your hips and at the same time get a better idea of what’s happening with the hips in class. Lets see what poses open up to us when our hips open up!

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Tipping over the edge

11am-1pm,  Saturday 30th May


Balance is one of the most sought after qualities needed to live a peaceful life, in Yoga when we find balance on the mat we can use that experience to helps us find balance in our lives. Nobody does very well when there is too much or too little of one thing, for many of us our work takes over our lives leaving us too tired to enjoy the time we do have off. Just like a Yoga pose, if we put too much weight in one place we will more than likely fall. Come and find your tipping point in this workshop where falling is essential, to discover where the balance is…all very welcome as always.

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Yoga on and off the Mat

11am-1pm,  Saturday 20th June

on za mat.jpeg

How much do you love your little rectangle island the mat? Scared to step out of it? Maybe you see this replicated in your life, a little stuck on your rectangle island. Join me for three hours where we will push the boundaries that we create for ourselves in a safe and supportive environment. From conventional Yoga to movement, Somatic’s (experiencing the felt sense of something..emotions, sensations..)All are welcome to come along and bloom into the summer with a renewed body and mind.

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Acrobility session

6-8pm, Saturday 18th April


A 2 hour session for beginners and the more accustomed to Acro where we work in partners. Acro combines acrobatics made easier by using a partner to support. Acro focuses on the trust elements of acrobatics, the compassion elements of therapeutics, and the mind-body connection element of yoga to form a yoga style unlike any other. You do not need a partner to come but do bring an open mind and a give it a go attitude. You will have fun and surprise yourself with just what is possible when you know how! This session is lead by the awesome Acrobility Hank and Tink!

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