Rocket Yoga Workshop

Join Jamie Blowers for 6 hours exploring Rocket yoga, a branch from Ashtanga Yoga we will spend the first part of the workshop flowing through the Rocket yoga sequence. Then we will spend the rest of the time workshopping some of the more complicated poses like handstand, forearm stand and much much more. Rocket is a really fun practice that helps build a load of strength and balance which will most certainly fuel your practice whatever level you are…so absolutely all welcome!


9th October 12pm-6pm

Book here:- Rocket Yoga Workshop 9th October

Adjustment day with Jamie Blowers

Covid has contributed to many Yoga teachers feeling out of practice with physically adjusting students in yoga while some Yogis might just want to learn from exploring hands on adjustments and seeing how that can guide them into a different place or feeling. This 6 hour workshop will enrich your teaching and your yoga practice whether you are a teacher or just love Yoga! All welcome. 

As always all welcome. 

10th October 2021 12pm-6pm


Book here:-   Adjustment Day With Jamie Blowers

Want to do these two sessions for £180? Then just let me know at and I shall sort it for you!