Goa 02 – 09 November 2019

A beautiful slice of Paradise where you can truly relax and disconnect for a bit.

November 2019 at the Little Cove Yoga Retreat, we will be treated to 3 Vegetarian meals a day in a stunning location on a private beach. Taking you back to where Yoga was born to soak up the culture, nature and you time!

The centre is made up of little huts or cottages as they call them, mostly twin rooms that are simple but all you need when the outdoors is so inviting! The Yoga Shala is outdoors facing the ocean. I can’t think of a more inspiring setting to practice Yoga!

You will have two Yoga classes a day with me, I intend to take you on a journey of discovery using Embodied flow, Budokon, funky flows and deeply relaxing blends of deep stretches delving into Meditation and Pranyama (Breathwork). Classes on Retreats are usually more in the format of workshops so expect to be challenged mentally and physically (as always within the limits of your body!)

Fun is always at the forefront of my mind on Retreats as it is a holiday after all, all levels and experience of Yoga are most welcome and you can opt out of anything but please do be open to explore new ideas and give things a go.

When I have a group of people for this length of time the classes are planned to try to aid self discovery but if we are not open to start with then it takes away the opportunity for that to happen. Even if the discovery is that that particular idea isn’t for you, that is in its self is a discovery!

Click here for full details and to book your place.


Yoga & Surf in Morocco 2019 with Ana & Harry

25th April – 2nd May


Join us for a week in the beautiful Villa Mandala in Morocco, where myself and Harrison Lees will be joining forces to bring you 7 days of blissful Yoga twice daily.
Surfing is an optional extra and will be incorporated around the Yoga as much as is possible so no one misses out on Yoga or surf! Tides and times allowing!
Check out the link to Villa Mandala and have a good look at the house etc. All rooms are shared but we are able to fit more people in should you want to find accomodation nearby on a single occupancy basis. Then follow link to my booking system to pay the £250 deposit, in total for all food, Yoga and accommodation the price is £650. Hope you can make it.