Northern Thailand Retreat

23rd – 29th November 2020


In the most peaceful Ashram in Northern Thailand, it will be my first time to this Retreat Centre recommended to me by a native Thai girl living and working in London. You can check out the centre where we will be staying here. Rooms are all twins so all sharing, an option to pay a little less and to bunk in a room of five with Bunk beds that look very comfy to be honest!

The cost is £650 which includes all food, yoga and accomodation. Flights are coming in around £450 a little less if we fly to Bangkok then a quick flight to Chiang Rai. I am thinking of staying two days either side of the the dates we will be at the centre to explore a little but will confirm that later, if one week is all you can manage then it is enough time. Talk to me about flights before you book. 

The Yoga is twice a day 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening and I design the sessions to take you on a journey through your bodies and minds. The distance we are in miles from home helping you to truly disconnect to reconnect. I suggest that you steer clear of alcohol so you are fresh and ready to wake up early meditate and allow the practice to envelope you without the distractions you have at home. To find ourselves and be happy with what we find is my aim. I will guide you every step of the way all you need to do is be open and want it. 

Travel light, you only need some Yoga clothes and some summer clothes. Much more info to come, let me know if you have any questions. 

Please pay the £250 non-refundable deposit and the rest in bits or as and when you are ready but before September 2020. Click here to book

Yoga & Surf in Morocco 2021 with Ana & Harry

24th April – 1st May


Join us for a week in the beautiful Villa Mandala in Morocco, where myself and Harrison Lees will be joining forces to bring you 7 days of blissful Yoga twice daily.
Surfing is an optional extra and will be incorporated around the Yoga as much as is possible so no one misses out on Yoga or surf! Tides and times allowing!
Check out the link to Villa Mandala and have a good look at the house etc. All rooms are shared but we are able to fit more people in should you want to find accommodation nearby on a single occupancy basis. Then follow link to my booking system to pay the £250 deposit, in total for all food, Yoga and accommodation the price is £650. Hope you can make it.



Costa Vicentina, Portugal

Screenshot 2020-04-15 at 09.34.21

26th June-3rd July 2021

Nestled in a green valley not far from the ocean, where hills and trees surround you, where the air is filled with the scent of wild herbs and where the sound of nature prevails, that’s where you´ll find our ecolodge. Amidst 7 hectares of nature and privacy, just 15 minutes drive to west- or south coast beaches…. Welcome to Val Verde.

Check out the Retreat Centre

Screenshot 2020-04-15 at 09.33.53

You can stay on a shared room basis in the Guest house or in a Tipi, Yoga will be in the great outdoors or in the Yurt. Food is grown onsite and its a real opportunity to disconnect, get back to nature and yourself.

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Register your interest by sending me an email

Not currently taking bookings for this retreat but gauging interest, please do let me know if you fancy it.

Price for all Yoga, Accomodation and Food is £710. Flights seem to be super cheap also!