A-Z of Yoga Poses App

A great simple reference for over 146 Yoga poses, a series of sequences and breathing exercises.

It’s live!

The first of a series of Health and Leisure Apps for both iPhone and Android.

I am hoping this App will not only be a reference for Yoga Teachers, but a guide for Yogis to look up a Pose or Breathing exercise, and get to understand the basics of the pose, how it feels, and if there is any reason they should not practice a particular pose.

I have also created some sequences to follow and the poses are categorised in body parts – so if you have a particular area you need to work on you can go to that category.

Hope it helps.

Next we have a guided Meditation app coming very soon…

Download A-Z of Yoga Poses App using the QR code on the image below or from your App Store:

For Android

For iPhone

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